What size are your sculptures?

Large: Up to 120cms, Medium: Up to 75cms, Small: Up to 45cms. Whilst large and medium sculptures fit happily into a garden environment, some small sculptures will work well but need a plinth to display them on.

How do the Limited Edition numbers work?

The term that means the number that can be cast out of a mould. i.e. Number 7 of 30. I can sell up to 30, at which time the mould is destroyed.

What materials do you use for your sculptures?

Each sculpture is listed as being made using a particular medium – this is the material that the piece is cast in. i.e. Bronze and Copper resin. A mix of pure metal, very finely ground, that is mixed with the resin in the first layer of the sculpture. Various metals can be used, creating many varied finishes. A sculpture can be cast in any colour way, if the limited edition number has not been reached.

Can you explain the process of producing your sculptures?

I model in clay after meticulous research and observation of the subject. Wherever possible I will study the animals directly and try to interpret their actions.
I then make my own rubber silicone moulds to produce a limited edition. I generally cast in Polymer resins using metal fillers such as bronze, brass, copper, pewter or marble to produce an attractive choice of finishes.
See the step-by-step example here of the processes to model and cast a sculpture.

Do you undertake commissions?

I am happy to accept some commission work. The subject would have to visit my studio for photographs and measurements. A further visit would be required to view sculpture and to collect cast work. Mould remains my property, unless piece is to be unique, in which case the price will escalate. Please contact me to discuss.