Casting a Sculpture

A short journeythrough all the processes needed to model and cast a sculpture:

First I build an armature, which is the internal skeleton which supports the clay that I use to model the sculpture.

After the modelling is complete I cover the clay with silicone rubber in up to three layers.

I then section out the sculpture with shims to act as separators prior to covering the silicone with a strengthening outer jacket of resin and fibreglass.

I split the mould off the clay, and then fill the sections with Bronze metal filler, resin, fibreglass and reinforcing bars, joining these together as I go.

Once filled I split the jacket and rubber away from the complete sculpture, then the seams require filling. These are filed down and refilled with bronze resin. The finished piece is rubbed down with wire wool to expose metal and then patinated with acid to create the final colouration.

From making the armature, which is the steel inner skeleton, through the modelling in clay of the Cheetah, which are the photo’s on show, to the removal of the mould to reveal the cast inside.
The final picture is the finished sculpture photographed on display in a garden setting.